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What is SOFIMUN?

SOFIMUN Bulgarian is an abbreviation for the name of the "Sofia International Model United Nations." (For details see the Model United Nations, "What is Model United Nations"?)


SOFIMUN / SOFIMUN is a foundation established for public benefit in February 2009 registered by Sofia City Court as an international organization of young people who are engaged in distributing and supporting the ideas of the United Nations and other international organizations like the European Union; participation and organization of international meetings and conferences; educational and internship programs and initiatives worldwide.


Who created the foundation SOFIMUN?

The Foundation was established to meet the needs of the annually organized in Bulgaria, World Conference "Model United Nations". The first such conference was held in July 2008 by a group of volunteers and immediately after its international participants in the initiative and the conference organizers take steps to create a non-profit organization that will support the organization of an annual  conference, and thus enabled the organization and participation in various meetings, programs and initiatives.


As authors of the project for the first World Conference "Model UN" in Sofia, the organizers take on the administrative steps in establishing the foundation. President of the Foundation becomes Paola Ivanova, which function she performs until the summer of 2011. The CEO of the Foundation is Dimiter Mandradjiev. Together they have written the concept and organized the first global conference "Model UN" in Sofia in July 2008. Once the foundation is registered, the president and the CEO formally invite members of the Foundation's team - outstanding young professionals in the areas close to the objectives and priorities of the Foundation, participants in international conferences "Model UN", including Sofia.


What does the Foundation do?

The main objective of SOFIMUN Foundation is to support the participation of young people - students and young professionals - in educational initiatives that will provide them with practical and theoretical knowledge in various fields such as politics, international relations, diplomacy, journalism, economics, law, environment development, disarmament, security, education, etc. These goals are implemented by the Foundation through organizing campaigns and annual projects as the yearly international conference "Model UN" in Sofia; educational trips, lectures, campaigns, happenings, internships and participation in conferences and meeting with international participation; support initiatives and develop joint projects with local and international institutions and organizations.


SOFIMUN Foundation organizes educational and campaign initiatives and projects in different parts of Europe. The capacity of our team include a wide range of opportunities for planning and carrying out activities including:

- Training and providing conference teams: organizational teams of specially trained members who are to realize and implement a conference for students and young professionals.

- Qualifications and examinations: The team of the Foundation conducts qualification rounds and examination courses for international organizations.

- Support of outstanding students and young professionals - the Foundation provides financial, logistical, academic, theoretical and practical assistance and training to students and young leaders from around the world who wish to express themselves in the field of diplomacy, economics, international relations, journalism, law and etc.

- Study tours, roundtables and debates: the Foundation organizes educational trips, roundtables and debates on topics related to diplomacy, international relations and international organizations with different groups of students and young professionals from around the world.

- Promotion of conferences and initiatives: the Foundation supports the work of partner organizations in promoting their events, activities and initiatives in training and sending delegates, organizers and others.

- Qualification rounds for international conferences: the Foundation prepares competitions and qualification rounds for partner organizations.


What are the projects of the Foundation?

Currently SOFIMUN Foundation implements the following major projects:

- I-MUN: web-based portal for publication of news about international student conferences, internships and programs;

- SOFIMUN conference: Global Conference "Model UN", held every July in Sofia that gathers more than 200 participants from around the world who play the role of diplomats at the UN, EU, NATO, OSCE and other international organizations in order to discuss current world problems;

- Project "Nikola Dimkov": a project for promotion of the Bulgarian trail in the establishment of the United Nations. Eng. Dimkov is author of "The Star of Alliance", a project to create a world government. After publication of the same-name book in French, German, Turkish and Greek eng. Dimkov sent it to U.S. President Thomas Wilson, and so helped for the creation of his 14 points for proclaiming in the world. These points became the basis of the League of Nations - the first predecessor of the United Nations;

- The UN House / UN House: a multimedia project, enabling the download of various symbols, documents, images and sound associated with the United Nations;

- The SNN media: Internet based media, which reflects the work of each simulated organ during the annual SOFIMUN conference in Sofia and thus serves as an international press module. This project helps students interested in journalism to exercise their knowledge and skills as representatives of various world media - publication of materials with international news, online media, photos, interviews, analysis, opinions.

- UNPA Campaign: World Campaign for the Establishment of a UN Parliamentary Assembly, the supreme body of the citizens' initiative in the UN. The Foundation is the official coordinator of the initiative in Bulgaria.

- MUN conferences: International "Model UN" conferences at which the team of the Foundation takes on positions as organizers, chairpersons of the panels, participants.


What is the structure of the Foundation?

The Foundation is governed by a collective body, the Council of the Founders. Chaired by the President with responsibilities to ensure proper and smooth implementation of all projects and goals of the organization. The implementation of specific projects and objectives is led by the Executive Director who is in charge of programming and distributing the needed tasks to various departments within the Foundation. The Chairperson of the Board of Directors (Managers) is responsible for the Board of directors - assembly of the heads of various departments of the Foundation. Managers of individual units are directly managed by the Administrative Director and the Team Manager.


The Foundation has the following units, led by managers:

- Scientific / Research: scientific basis, alumni system, regional cooperation (Balkans, Western Europe, Africa and Middle East)

- Operations / Organization: projects, programs and courses, lectures and academic trips

- Financial / Financial: financial issues, sponsorships and grants

- Information / Data: public relations, partnerships, information analysis

- Administrative / Administrative: Administrative Affairs, Team Foundation


Board of Trustees

The Foundation has a Board of Trustees, a separate administrative and legally disengaged structure, which includes prominent members of the society from Bulgaria and abroad in various fields. Their purpose is to assist the Foundation, its goals, ideas and projects.


The Foundation partners with...

SOFIMUN Foundation partners with more thanr 25 organizations and associations, developers and managers of projects and initiatives, identical or similar to those of the Foundation. SOFIMUN is in partnership with the organizers of international conferences in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.


In the NGO sector, the Foundation also partners with various organizations supporting their activities. Among the NGOs there are international foundations, intergovernmental organizations and centers, educational and academic centers.


At the state and government level, the projects of the Foundation are supported  by various state and municipal programs for sponsorship and funding of educational and academic initiatives.


(More about our partners, refer to section "Sponsors and Partners")


What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations (MUN) is the most popular academic international event worldwide. It is supported by social and international organizations and is under the guidance and influence of the United Nations’ Organization.


Its core idea is to have a simulation of the work of an organ of the UN Organization in a reality situation. The MUN conferences also are traditionally a meeting of young diplomats who train and exercise their knowledge in order to get prepared for their future role in the international relations.


Participants at such conferences are some of the most perspective and active young specialist, selected through a special procedure both on regional and international level. Every participant at the conference chooses and takes part in a UN organ by representing a state (by principle – always different from his origin). The objectives of every participant are: to get thorough knowledge of the work of the UN organ in which he participates; to examine in details the policies and politics (domestic, foreign, social, economic) of the state he will represent during the event; to “get into the shoes” of a real UN representative. The preparation that every single participant carries out individually is in the time frame of at least 2 months, during which he studies and trains himself. However every participant uses support and consulting from university centers, diplomatic missions and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.


The aims of such conferences are its participants: to get acquainted in real life conditions with the activities of the UN Organization; to fulfill the role of delegates, representing and observing during sessions; to vote upon decisions and pass resolutions. Such an event engages attention in the most appropriate way towards the work of the world organization and stimulates additional knowledge in the are of international relations and diplomacy and also gives the opportunity to every participant to continue his professional career in those areas.


In the conference take part specially selected high-graded university students and young professionalists, university centers, public institutions and other organizations from all over the world. Usually a MUN event is carried out during 1 week and it has the name of the city in which it is organized. By this way the attention of the whole international community of MUN participants and MUN events (approximately 12 million) focuses upon the city and state in which the MUN event is carried out. This attention is spread in the areas of education, tourism and trade.
Presently there are over 150 MUN events annually organized worldwide – in most of the capitals and big cities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa.














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SOFIMUN Foundation is governed by:

Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev, Chief Executive Officer


Ms. Polina Goranova, Chairperson of the Board of Directors


Mr. Boris Tassev, Administrative Director

Mr. Andrey Stoichev, Director for European Cooperation


Ms. Martina Boyuklieva, Team manager






Thank you for your interest in the SOFIMUN Foundation!



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