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The Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN) Foundation is an non-governmental organization (NGO), founded and registered in Sofia, Bulgaria in the beginning of 2008. The legal chartering took place right after the successful conclusion of the first edition of the first international Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Sofia, Bulgaria – the SOFIMUN conference in July 2008. The 1st edition of the SOFIMUN conference gathered around 150 young leaders from more than 40 nations from the 6 populated continents of the globe. After this successful initiative which was organized by a youth team from 9 states and legally presented to the public by the Internet Youth Media "Svetu" (Bulgarian media for youth activities). Later the SOFIMUN International Foundation was established.


The SOFIMUN Foundation is established by an international team of young professionals and prominent specialists whose main aim is to contribute to the better understanding of the UN ideas and also to a better education of today’s young people. The SOFIMUN Foundation also works for the successful participation of the youth in international affairs worldwide.


After its establishment, the SOFIMUN Foundation started various projects, part of its commitment to the promotion of the UN ideas and the advanced education of the young people.


The priority of the Foundation is to engage the society, particularly young academicians in activities beneficial for their knowledge and for the international dialogue, while simultaneously supporting the intermediation between the young people and various organizations, scholars, representatives and authorities of international bodies.


The Foundation is governed by a President who is helped by the Executive Director and the President of the Board of Directors.


The SOFIMUN Foundation has formed 5 main plenary divisions:

  • Scientific division: Academic issues, Alumni system, Regional Cooperation

  • Operations division: Projects, Courses, Lectures

  • Finance division: Financial issues, Sponsorship, Grants

  • Information division: Public Relations, Partnerships, Information analysts

  • Administrative division: administrative issues, members of the Foundation

An integrative part of the Foundation’s structure is the Board of Trusties. Members of the Board are renowned figures from various international and national organizations, members of governments and prominent academics.


The SOFIMUN Foundation has members and a alumni network worldwide. Apart from this the SOFIMUN International Foundation has formed a special group of former organizers, secretaries-general, presidents, chairpersons, editors and awarded delegates from the activities of the SOFIMUN Foundation and this group is called "The Club". "The Club" works for the promotion of ideas and as a think tank on different issues and problems that the SOFIMUN Foundation elaborates on with its partnering organizations.


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The SOFIMUN International Foundation has a very populated archive of its activities and programs that have been cited or incorporated in materials of the press.

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