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Services offered by the SOFIMUN International Foundation

The SOFIMUN Foundation is an non-governmental organization (NGO), created for non-profit purposes. As such, the Foundation implements and works on its' own unique projects, as well as for the establishment and progress of projects of other organizations, initiatives and similar types of activities.


The SOFIMUN International Foundation has a couple of main objectives and offers services for people, organizations, companies, universities, institutions, local and national governments:


Conference team

The conference team is a group of young specialists and professionals in different spheres, who work with the SOFIMUN Foundation for disseminating the beneficial and educational idea of simulating conferences – Model United Nations conferences (MUNs), Model European Union conferences (MEUs), and other types of simulative conventions of world or regional organizations.

The SOFIMUN Foundation can provide a team of specialists and know-how for setting up MUN/MEU conference to any organization, government institution, municipality, etc. In case of interest please contact us at info@sofimun.org.


Youth engagement

The Foundation supports young prominent students and professionals through financial help, logistic assistance, study initiatives, etc.

We believe that young students should be involved in voluntary work for different causes - political and non-political in order to start a successful formation of young leaders who will be able to make important decisions in the mere future. Our faith is in the progress that needs to be implemented by young people who can work together for a better common future. Our activities and projects provide opportunities for young people to get engaged in a professional society by working with groups of specialists and counselors. In time these bright young minds develop into successful businesspeople, NGO activists, social leaders, political actors, policymakers, progress-bringers. Come and join our projects or support us with money or in any other way applicable to our mission to involve young people in leadership groups and think tanks.

Through the engagement of the young people, they get more empowered and start to fulfill the criteria that is needed in order to be able to bring progress to the system. In this manner the young people can influence and change the system towards a better way of work for all.

In case of interest please contact us at recruitment@sofimun.org.


Youth empowerment

The SOFIMUN Foundation acts as a non-governmental organization with non-profit activities in the field of youth empowerment.

The process of youth empowerment is seen by the Foundation as a way to help the growth of new generations of world leaders.

SOFIMUN searches and involves prominent young minds in capacity building activities and gain of leadership skills. Thus, together with our partners, we strive for the fulfillment of the envision of the greatest minds of all times for a better world.

In case of interest please contact us at recruitment@sofimun.org.


Cooperation with UN related organizations and initiatives for UN

The SOFIMUN International Foundation maintains close relationships with organs of the United Nations Organization and other relative formations and initiatives.

We work together in order to enact more ideas that we come-up with and try to mutually implement new techniques and views. The SOFIMUN Foundation, after having a successful simulation at its same-name annual conference, send the documents that delegates have produced, to the real-life organs. Thus we try to help in the process of solving important problems and try to promote ideas that can be seen as a mutual consensus.


Study trips, debates, round tables

Following one of its main objectives, to contribute to young people’s education, the SOFIMUN International Foundation organizes study trips, public debates, lectures, round tables and other events on a regular basis. The main idea behind these projects is the active participation of young people. All projects are carried out in order to input an active role for all participants.

The study trips provide the participants with field studies on predefined topics. The core idea of the study trip is the joint experience of the participants in a different than their normal environment. These initiatives gather people with various cultural and educational backgrounds but common interests. The goal is to exchange experience while simultaneously contributing to their growth through participation in additional events – meetings with professionals, visits to academic and educational centers, and participation in other projects and activities. Any student and/or young specialist that fulfill the appointed criteria is eligible to participate in any study trip. News and details on the study trips will be announced via the SOFIMUN Foundation website.

The round tables, discussions and debates, organized by the SOFIMUN Foundation are usually short term